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WWI USMC Camo Painted Helmet


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Had this one on my watch list but, my snipe fell several hundred short of the final sale price. I knew it would go high and probably out of my range but, I hoped...


This is definitely one of those "only comes around once in a blue moon" helmets. Whoever took it home should be proud! Anyone here on the forum?

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I was also bidding on this but due to recent purchases stopped early on. I'm glad to see it is with someone with in our community. Thanks for giving some good close up and Congratulations.



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Very nice helmet shell and casing, Im not to good on trench art but that must have taken a good time to do.

the paint ect on the helmet is exceptional i like that very much and a great addition to a collection,

as said in the muster roll he arrived in france in Nov, it is a pitty as he was there at the end of the war.

so not seen much action. ( bet he was relieved )


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I too had this on my watch list but knew that it was well out of my range. Glad it made it to good hands!



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