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Latest PASGT to my collection


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Hi Guys here's my PASGT lid,I got recently as part of a "SUPER " deal on ebay, the other one being a mixed era M1. :thumbsup:



I can't see a date or manafactuer, so is it possible to date these little beaties from the stamped markings in the base of the lid? :think: ( Or is that the date :blink::blink: )


Got to say,I'm quite pleased with this one, as now I have two all together... which is kind of cool ;)



Anyhoo, any answers to this searching question,will be as ever ,most gratefully apppreciated :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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The date is the 87 inside, next to the Medium marking





Nice one thanks Mate,that's solved that riddle :thumbsup:


Is it possible to work out the manafacturer,from the embossed marking too? ;)

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