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Misleading references?

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It's a lot of time I have a doubt about the possibility to have a M1909 revolver holster on a mounted ctg belt. In my opinion it's impossible without ruining the holster with those damned two holes on the belt loop to accept the 1910 hook, but even experts like Mr. Dorsey (pag.25) show pics of the triple revolver ammo pouch beside the mounted belt calling it "alternative ammunition carrier for this belt".

He's not the only one, in another occasion I saw the triple pouch snapped on the mounted belt in a forum member collection. And more I think all soldiers equipped as mounted would have an M1911 being the M1917 a substitutive weapon.


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Sam Cox has several images from the 112th Cavalry with guys who have M1917 revovlers, M1909 holsters, and M1917 triple pouches attached to the M1918 9-Pocket cavalry belt. The oral histories of that same regiment support that many memebers still carried them in the PTO.


Chris Fischer

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