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Modern 3rd Infantry Div Uniform for sale in Brazil

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Hi All,


One uniform for sale in Brazil....for me very bad.








Wrong ribbons, citations and badges.


More opinions, please!


Best regards,







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I see a couple right off.


No Officer wears a Marksmanship badge, thats enlisted only.

You cant have a CIB and a CAB

His ribbons show that he was in Iraq and Desert Storm, yet he has no Combat patch on the right arm

the Ribbon rack looks funky, some of those ribbons are add-ons not to the original rack.


Unit Citations on the right are WAY to high.


Is there anything sewn to the inside of the jacket? Sometimes the jackets are private purchase, not from Clothing and sales, but there usually is an NSN number or a name inside the jacket.

Honorably Discharged OEF VI/VII Veteran

US Army Military Police


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