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Patches in action: Photos of SSI being worn by the troops.

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A Major William J. Henderson in 1965 wearing an AIRBORNE Tab over his Combat Development shoulder patch, would love to know more on the activity performed by this section of this unit.

maj william j.henderson19650004.jpg

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1965 again, one Major William D. Gunn Jr Infantry wearing a V Corps patch with AIRBORNE Tab, we suspect he was the C.O. of that V Corps LRRP unit in West Germany.

maj william d.gunn jr 19650003.jpg

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A Major Robert P. Lott, 1965 wearing the 197th Infantry Brigade (Separate) patch, while curiously wearing the Infantry School DI rather then a one for one of the battalions of the brigade.



Lott again in the RVN in 1970 as a Lieutenant Colonel and  Deputy Senior Advisor 5th ARVN Infantry  Division MACV.


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A GI in 1945 with the IX Corps, have no idea what he's wearing on his head. Kinda reminds me of the few WWI photos of English POWS held by the Germans who wear their Steel Helmet Liner by itself right!


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36 minutes ago, patches said:

For those unaware like I was what Project Hula was.





Here's a better overview and resource link to Project Hula


Project Hula - Secret Soviet-American Cooperation in the War Against japan 


Project Hula.jpg


And a link to a forum topic on a Project Hula Patrol Frigate


USS Burlington (PF-51) USCG to USSR to USN Korean War Gunboat


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Here we see the Hawaiian Department and Fleet Marine Forces - Pacific SSI being worn.


"Major General Henry T. Burgin's order releasing the Territory's Organized Defense Volunteers from military control is read by his chief of staff of the Central Pacific Base Command, Brigadier General Wayne C. Smith, at ceremonies in Honolulu Stadium, Oahu, Hawaii, 4 July 1945. Seated behind General Smith, left to right: Brigadier General Kenneth P. McNaughton, Administrative Officer, Army Air Forces Pacific Ocean Areas; Lieutenant General Roy S.M. Geiger, commanding general, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific; Acting Governor Gerald R. Corbett; Lieutenant General Robert C. Richardson, commanding General, U.S. Armed Forces, Middle Pacific; Vice Admiral David W. Bagly, commandant, 14th Naval District; and Lieutenant General Holland M. Smith, Commanding General, U.S. Marine Corps, Combat Training Center."

Hawaiian Department.1945.jpg

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