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Pearl Harbor Posthumous USN Purple Hearts


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I wish I had photos at this time, but I do have a two medal grouping of an USS Arizona KIA PH for Seaman 2nd Class Richard Everett Ellis of Omaha, Nebraska. Ellis was a 19 years old and enlisted in January of 1941.


The only reason I know who this man was is thanks to his brother's 10 Year Army Reserve Medal Box (George William Ellis, who survived the attack on the Arizona), which had their last name scrawled on it in ink. George's daughter sold these two medals to my local militaria dealer after driving down from Omaha.


The PH is in the typical Purple vacuum sealed box and is a split brooch, it is not engraved.


Here is a small bio on Richard I found, the last time I researched this medal, this page didn't exist!



Thank you for a wonderful thread.

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Bringing this topic back to the top with an update..


I am now the caretaker of the Lewis R. Dominici Purple Heart posted on page 1 entry #24..


I am grateful to be able to continue to tell Mr. Dominici's story..




One of my most treasured items in my collection. I was fortunate to obtain this Purple Heart a few years ago.


Lewis Richard Dominici, Shipfitter 3rd Class was wounded in action on December 7, 1941 while aboard the USS Pennsylvania. As most of you know, the Pennsylvania was in dry dock during the attack but was one of the first ships to return fire on the Japanese planes. When the attack was over the Pennsylvania, had suffered serious damage as well as 15 men Killed in Action to include the ships executive officer, 14 men were listed as Missing in Action and 38 were Wounded in Action.


After the attack Dominici's skills as a Shipfitter were needed to help in the salvage of another Battleship that suffered great damage during the Pearl Harbor attack, the USS Oklahoma. He was transferred to the USS Oklahoma detail a year later on December 18, 1942. A few days later, it was determined that he was needed elsewhere at Pearl Harbor and he was again transferred, this time to the Battleship USS Utah which was being used as target practice and very shortly after the attack started was sunk. Shipfitter Dominici was going to be among the crew tasked to salvage the usable ordnance and other parts of the USS Utah for use on other Battleships.


On January 25, 1944, while assigned to the USS Utah, Shipfitter 3rd Class Lewis R. Dominici was awarded the Purple Heart Medal and Ribbon Bar for wounds received to his left upper arm on December 7, 1941.

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A few days early for the 78th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, but wanted to share these December 7, 1941 KIA Purple Hearts to three different vessels (USS Arizona, USS Pennsylvania and USS Tennessee.) RIP to the sailors, marines and soldiers who were lost on the first day of WWII for the United States.




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