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.45 magazine pockets again...


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I posted some days ago some pictures of two .45 magazine pockets, marked V.B.CO. 1942, asking if anyone knew the firm related to this markings. No luck, no replies, so I guess that this firm remains unknown. I got, from another source, two more V.B.CO. 1942 pockets. And this time I would share with you the different font of U.S. markings on the closing flap. They are different, indeed, and one seems too new and "fresh" to be original. Now: your opinion, please...Could these pockets be from U.R.S.S. lend-lease, maybe one with original U.S. stamp and one faked? Or both faked? Or with some luck both originals? After all we have a lot of genuine WWI .45 magazine pockets with same markings but different fonts, some with fresh markings and some - mint - with faded prints. And about the U.S. crisp and "new" stencilling, after all it could simply indicate the use of different rubber stamps, maybe one just inked and one a little dry... Thanks for your help...



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