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"New EGA discussion area"

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This new element of the forum is an outgrowth from member suggestions. The "discussion" section allows all members to post their EGA's (Marine Corps Eagle, Globe & Anchor emblems) for discussion, identification and when deemed to be moved into the forums "EGA reference section". Obviously not every WW2 collar emblem will end up in the reference section.


We would suggest whenever possible post your EGA's for discussion and or identification separately of uniform and or equipment. Of course, that will not always be possible. Keep in mind as you post, if the Mod's choose to move your EGA's photo's to the reference section, we will need to separate that post from the thread. The remainder would then be moved to uniforms or collections.


Always try to provide a front and rear at the start of the thread. Please do not post any "Bloated photo's", guidance is provided by Forum Support elsewhere on how to avoid this problem. Crop your photo's... in doing so we get to see as many features as possible, given the limits of your camera and PC software.


There is a holding/sorting area in the reference area. It will be used for storage of discussion area posts which have played out or my not have written or photographic material needed in the reference section. There are no hard fast rules about housekeeping time-lines in discussion, generally speaking not much more than 30 days as the thread will go stagnant. In holding/storing area, your thread may reside for up to 60 days before the section mod's have an opportunity to clean-up the thread / photo's and choose to merge it with an existing thread in reference or re-name it and post it in reference under its own title.


While there like some who would like to post directly to the new reference section, that presents a number of logistic problems, and additional Moderators time/effort we would like to avoid. Please notify one of the EGA mod's about any special requests you may have about getting your emblem (s) posted here. Obviously we need to make it easy for all to locate EGA's and posts for research & review and can keep the post clean of rhetoric / bloated and non essential information. Thus keeping server space at a minimum.


And do not forget about the new "Match That Emblem" thread, great place to find a "mate" for your lonley emblem.


So enjoy our new discussion section... don't hesitate to PM any of the EGA forum Mod's w/ suggestion or comment. ;)

s/f Darrell

The bended knee is not a tradition of our Corps. (General A. A. Vandegrift, USMC, 5 May 1946)



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