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Nordac Machete, anyone know about these


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I knew that Nordac (out of Fredricksburg, VA) manufactured M1916 and M7 holsters for the government during the Viet Nam War, but I didn't know they also made machetes. The owner got it trouble with the Feds, as you can see below.






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NORDAC was a fairly well known manufacturer in the 70's and early 80's. They made mostly web gear during that time. The machete you show was probably made by another manufacturer and private branded for NORDAC. I would guess Ontario as they were most common at the time. The scabbard was a cheap made version sold in surplus stores for the civilian market. I have the exact same scabbard with a machete in my tool shed. I doubt if that scabbard was made by NORDAC as their gear was usually good quality MILSPEC stuff. It was more likely a cheap Asian import.


After the runin with the FEDS NORDAC was sold at auction. The majority of the business was turned into what is now known as London Bridge Trading CO located in Virginia Beach, VA.


When that set was sold new it would have been in the $10 to $15 range.

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