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M67 gear


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I, too did a 67 display, here are some of the pics. I know that not everything is 67 gear, but it's as close as I could get. I haven't heard much talk of the bandage pouch.









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Somebody is going to have hurt feelings when they figure out what they just bought.


It went from $55 to $147 the last day of the auction, three days after the seller made an announcement that it wasn't VN issue, so if they're crying, it's their own damn fault.

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I found this picture while searching for early Ecwcs (gore tex pics) its a soldier reloading an MLRS with the M-1967 shovel cover. it is from page 433 bottom of the 0ct 1986 Army magazine 1986-87 Green Book.



I thought it was interesting to find a soldier with this cover and thought I would share.

Regards Allen

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