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131st @ Java

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I am going to try to make a 131st artillery regiment 36th division impression for Java 1942, and am having hell trying to find pictures to use as a reference, So what did they wear i assumes the summer khaki uniform but the only pics i find is of them still state side wearing the wool uniform so any information would be appreciated thanks in advance.

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Perhaps you meant 32d Division? They were probably issued HBTs although it's not unusual to see the early Pacific divisions wearing the Khakis yet.

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Very correct. One battalion of the 131 Field artillery was sent to the Pacific and many were captured and sent to build the railroad and bridge in Thailand. They would be another unit that was also referred to as the “Lost Battalion.”

It didn't seem quite right that there was a 131 FA serving in the Pacific while another 131 FA was still assigned to the 36 Infantry Division. The 2nd Battalion was "split" apart when the division was apparently still organized as a square division --- when they had large artillery formations.



Good question. I assume they would be outfitted as any unit in the Pacific in 1942.


Have you seen these links?


Short article and photo of commander taken after release.



His Obtiuary in 2009



Another brief history.





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I have not seen the first two i have seen the third one thank you for posting them i wonder if there are any pictures of them in Australia i heard there is a room full of artifacts from them at a museum in Decatur maybe i should try and go there and check it out and see what i can find.

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