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info about this helmet

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Hello,I bought from an american seller some time ago this helmet on E*** with the infamous Buy it now option after few minutes it has appeared.

It's a real helmet,I mean not a toy helmet or softair helmet.

Everything seems to be right but I guess the label has been poorly replaced,note the wrong spell in it...

Any opinion will be greatly appreciated.


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I am no expert on modern ballistic lids, ( well unless you count PASGT ).


But the inside of lid, in your pics , looks like PASGT like material.


Maybe some other members,who collect MICH lids ,might be able to shed more light on this one



The label just makes me feel , ever so slightly suspicious though :think:



Hope you get more info, this might start something??????

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Need another for sure righteous label to do a comparison,then we'll know.

I don't mess with these either,but if I saw one somewhere cheap I might

get for tradin material.For that reason I'd like to know if this is a real lid.

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here some more pics,in the first one the helmet together with one PASGT and two ACH MICH


I have one MSA helmet that is painted a kind of "flat green" from the factory in the internal surface.

I have one Gentex MICH ACH helmet brand new that show the structure of the kevlar material while outside is painted a kind of "rough" OD color.

in this one it is possible to read the factory name "GENTEX",partially covered by the velcro band.


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in this picture there is a side by side comparison between a CVC helmet and this kevlar helmet.This one is wider than the CVC


In the next picture the side by side view of the two helmets.For both helmets the primary material is kevlar.


The CVC helmet is thinner and weight far less than the other.

The odd kevlar helmet weights more or less like the other MICH-ACH that I have.

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The helmet you have is real. They are used by some special forces units. It is a MICH style helmet and not a CVC helmet, although there is a ballistic version of the CVC made of the same material and same thickness as well.

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But what's with the label,is Vallistic the new Ballistic? ;)


It could have simply been a manufacturers typo (B and V are right next to each other on the keyboard). These helmets have been hitting the market so fast it might have been overlooked. I do not have an example of this helmet in my collection to check, but I can check the labels in mine to see the info on them. I have seen various styles of labels in these helmets.

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