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copying a photo

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If you can take the picture from the frame, most company's who do construction prints can scan it, in turn send you a j.peg copy via email

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Does anyone know how to take a picture of or copy a professionally matted and framed panoramic photo? All suggestions greatly appreciated.





With great difficulty?


If it has glass that makes it all the more difficult. If it does not, I suggest trying to scan it in segments and then piecing those together. Modern scanners will have be able to focus on something that is in a frame and mounted, although some scanners can only focus on what is actually touching the glass. I scan larger items in sections quite frequently and the nice thing about it is that each segment has the same proportions, whereas with a camera it is tough to do that. The main problem with scanning (and in taking photos this is also a problem) is that the exposure may be different from one section to the next. Here's as example of that on an 11x14 photo I scanned this morning:




If this was critical I could adjust the levels in photoshop to make each section sort of match (it can be difficult to get a perfect match).


If you have a tripod, put you camera on that and then put the photo on a table with something holding it upright. Then starting at the left, take a a photo, carefully slide the image to the left and take another photo, and so on. You want the sections to overlap and you want the camera and framed image to stay locked into the same positions, with the exception of moving the mounted image sideways to caputre different sections. Don't use flash, but rather to shoot in open shade where you have lots of natural light but no shadows (in the garage with the garage door open can be a good place to do this).







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Some of the newer

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Does anyone know how to take a picture of or copy a professionally matted and framed panoramic photo? All suggestions greatly appreciated.




The best method is to remove the photo form the frame and have it scanned at a professional lab. They should also be able to print the scan for you, and to the

exact size. Any other method will give half rump results.

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