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M1904 Gemsco pattern emblem

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Identical in make in every way to the dress emblem, this M1904 Gemsco pattern emblem is for wear on the right collar of the service uniform. This emblem is not hallmarked and is also a pin fastened emblem with looped C catch.


If anyone out there has a match to either of these emblems, I'd like to hear from you.











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Here is my contribution to this thread. This piece is the earliest officer bird that own and I lucked out getting it. Looks like the base metal might be brass and take note that it's a dark brown, very much like dark chocolate versus Gary's black emblem.






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I used to have a matching pair of these indentical to this one. They were with a ww1 officers coat and they had the painted on dark brown finish. These finishes are common on Army collar insignia of the period as well. The base metal is brass instead of bronze. These finishes were not very durable and they sometimes have a flaked off appearance when showing wear. Very tough to find indeed!



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