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M4A3 (105mm) VVSS

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Hi mpguy80/08 you do excellent work. I too love the M4 Sherman and its variants I hate to be a pain but technically the GMC M12, 155mm SPG & M30 Ammunition Carrier, the T2 &M31TRVs and finally the M33 Prime Mover (converted by removing the turret and recovery gear from M31 TRV). Are all based on the M3 Lee chassis from which the M4 sprang.

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I know I'm only about 6 years late, but if you happen to check back and take a look at this thread I just wanted to echo the multiple compliments. Not only have you created a fantastic model, but you also have made a great resource for us to use going forward when modeling the Sherman. Thank you for the effort.

Always looking for medic helmets, 30th Infantry Division/Brigade items, and TOW missile items.







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