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2 Marine m61 sets


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Here are 2 basic Marine m61 webgear sets from my collection, one is early the other is Mid


The early one.


- ww2 kakie suspender

- Early short 1962 dated m14 ammo pouches

- 2 Korean War dated canteen covers and canteens

- 1 Jungle 1st aid kid, late ww2 era

- m61 belt

- 1st aid pouch late - Korean war era


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Second set - Mid War


- 1 set of Vietnam dated suspenders

- 4 m14 pouches - long style dated 1967

- 2 Early dated wire hanger canteen covers

- Vietnam dated Jungle 1st aid kit - 1967

- Korean War era 1st aid pouch


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Cool beans Justin. :thumbsup:


Now you need to get yourself a complete Nam pack set.. ;)

Thanks I have 7. With rain ponchos. I need 2 more to go with the rest of my m61 rigs, and a unissued upper to go with my unissued m61 rig.

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