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Early Robbins Navy Wings


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What does everyone think of the Robbins Navy Wings on EBAY item #330416484436?

Good or bad?







I can't tell with the pictures, but I don't like the back--looks cast to me. This person has offered some very questionable wings in the past, including cast WWI Dallas style wings. It seems to be a wife selling off the old collection of her husband who was a militaria dealer. Still, from what I can see, it looks like a casting to me, but that is with all the caveats that I can't see the detail very well. I would want an iron-clad return policy on this fellow.


We have some Robbin's USN wings posted on other threads that would be useful to look at, I think.



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It looks like a good vintage wing to me though later than WWI; probably mid to late 1920s early 1930s strike. The Robbins Co WWI USN aviator badge had a hallmark similar to what you see on English silver and no maker name. I haven't seen this wing faked but then I haven't been looking at wings too closely lately. Here are a couple of pics of a circa 1919 vintage Robbins piece.




My 2-cents. Bobgee


P.S. Don't know if Joe *************** makes this one. Maybe he'll chime in here. BG

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The one on ebay makes me a bit nervous. The back just doesn't look right. I've never seen a Robbins made wing in this pattern with those lines on the back. I've seen plenty of vintage versions of this wing both marked and unmarked and none have shown those strange horizontal lines on the back. Here's a marked and unmarked version from my site.


Here's the Robbins marked version


Here's the Robbins made but unmarked version

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Just my two cents, based on the pictures, I would pass on this one. I have have a lot of Robbins wings ( but not this pattern) and the feather detail on this one seems a little "fuzzy" to me. And I don't like the "pits" on the reverse. Of course if I had it in my hand, with a loop things might, be different.

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