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Old aircraft displayed - Minnesota


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About 20 years ago or more Winona also had an F-84 that was very complete. I have no idea ever happened to that thing. All these parts and old aircraft were pretty cool - one does not see a hodge podge like that in Minnesota! Many had hornet nests in them, so a guy had to be cautious!


The twin engine prop job (sorry - I cannot remember what it is) was actually an old Navy aircraft, I remember that from data plates which used to be in it 20 years ago before they got looted out of it...



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Owatonna, Minnesota used to be home to a place called Heritage Halls, it is right near a very popular Cabelas store on I-35 south of Minneapolis - St Paul.


Heritage Halls was a transportation museum founded by a man named Buzz Kaplan. He was a major aviation enthusiast and his museum building nearby had trains, old cars, boats, & aircraft in it. He died in 2002 when the replica Curtiss Jenny he was trying to fly crashed nearby, killing him and his passenger. While the museum was closed down and everything sold, the old T-38's he had gotten from the military and had mounted, well, they remained. Here are some pics of them, they are replica painted to represent the Thunderbirds. Of course, the military being the military, I laughed when I saw some miscreants, Blue Angels supporters, had started to "decorate" the base of the monument poles the aircraft were mounted on. It is done in good taste and good fun tho, at least I think so :)


Here are the pics:



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