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Old aircraft displayed - Minnesota


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I usually take my digital camera with me with I travel to various places around the state. It's nice to have it along, I stop and get pics of whatever catches my eye (generally military related!).


What I have found is that over the years some communities or groups apparently get tired of having to care for their old aircraft in parks or what have you, and the miltary then comes and takes the stuff away on mutual agreement. In addition, some where I read about how the Air Force at least was getting stringent on their requirements for the upkeep of their old aircraft they had loaned out, and that places that were not willing to do certain things to keep those old planes looking decent, well, they lost their aircraft. Over the last 15 years or so I know of three old aircraft which have been recovered by the military in one form or fashion - a T-33 in Minnesota Lake, Minnesota, an F-86 in Fairmont, Minnesota, and a Navy F9F Panther (I think it was) from Winona, Minnesota. So, with that in mind, I figure it's worth it to get pics while I can.


Here are some various aircraft in Minnesota.


First is what I think is an F-80 - but it could also be a T-33 too. I do not know enough about the differences to be entirely sure... This one is at the eadge fo the Albert Lea Municipal Airport.





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This is an F-86, I believe it is a later model due to the RADAR nose on it. This one is at the Wells Municipal Airport, on Highway 109.





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The techincal college in Winona, Minnesota used t have an aviation mechanic program of some sort... it closed down several years ago. When it closed down the program, the college system did not dispose of the old aircraft the program used as training aids. About two years ago their closed program got bought out by by another college in Minnesota. That college then took custody and ownership of the old Winona program's aircraft. These pictures are from 2008, right before all the aircraft and aircraft parts in these photos were trailered and shipped off to the other college.


Some cool old stuff there!






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