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Was at my local antique shop yesterday and started looking thru some stuff in a little case, and the more I looked ,the more that I found interesting. First thing was this I.D. Bought it for the Flag stripe. Had no idea that it opened up till I looked at it again in my truck. I figured it was an ID of some type,then putting 2&2 together ,USASFV, Special Forces Vietnam, I was thrilled. It dates 1962 and poss 1963. The Special Forces prayer card was also with it, along with some metal framed ribbons and a 101st Challenge coin ,named to a differend fella. Any help here? Would really like to do some research! Denny






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Bonjour Denny,


That's a great find of the SF early years in SEA. :thumbsup: Your card is a vietnamese driving license delivered by the ARVN Transportation Dept (KBC 3031).

Perhaps more to follow, I have to check files

Great find again




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