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My Weapons Carrier & Pack Howitzer

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Getting ready for the 4th of July parade tomorrow, and I thought I'd share a few pics with you guys. I've owned the 1943 WC-52 for quite a few years, but this is the new companion piece to go with it. A 1942 M1A1 75mm Pack Howitzer. I just got her finished tonight just in time for the parade.





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I'm pretty sure the howitzer used to belong to the USMC. It's supposed to have wooden wheels, hence the M1A1 designation. The rubber tires make it the M8. For street use, I put on the rubber tires. I can just as easily replace them with the correct wooden wheels.

I painted it Army OD for now. It was in USMC forest green, but was in pretty sad shape, so I had it sand blasted. It needed it.

It took me about 1 1/2 years to restore it. Parts can't be found at the local auto parts store. It is registered as a live gun, although I have no intention to fire it.

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Charlie Flick

A very cool rig, Robin. Congratulations on getting it all put together so well.


I had the chance to look over a live Pack Howitzer a couple of weeks ago. It was at Fort Monroe near Norfolk, VA, which is still an active Army post. Near the flagpole on the upper parapet of the Fort I found a 75 MM gun. It evidently was used by the post for saluting/ceremonial purposes. I opened up the breech and fooled around with it as long as I thought I could before getting arrested. They are neat pieces, and sized right for every man's garage too!



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craig johnson

Picture I picked up a few weeks ago. Official Marine Corp photo. Probably not printed in WW11 ,but older.





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