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Tanks as Monuments / Displays

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To add to the files---here is the M-41 Walker Bulldog in front of the Virginia National Guard HQ...it has the same chassis as the M-42 Duster we are refurbishing---



and when the Duster is finished our next project is this Sherman. Lots of work but well worth it.





"When in doubt, Go cyclical"


For more information on

"In a Strange Land: The American Occupation of Germany 1918-1923"

"Let's Go! The History of the 29th Infantry Division"

"To Hell with the Kaiser: America Prepares for War 1916-1918 Volumes 1 and 2"

"Desert Uniforms, Patches, and Insignia of the US Armed Forces"

"Forgotten Soldiers of WWI: America's Immigrant Doughboys"

"Play Ball! Doughboys and Baseball During the Great War"

go to


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Here's one in Lake Isabella, Ca.


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