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WWII USMC E-Tool Covers


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I picked these up at a local surplus store, 2 M43 etool covers. The thing is, someone has sewn straps to them to help keep the flap closed if the click the dot snap was to pop open or completely off in combat. The first one has a nice, USMC camo pattern strap. Unfortunately, it's nearly torn off. The second one has a torn strap on it as well, is extremely dirty, and appears to be simple tan canvas. Must have been machine sewn in a shop, because the stitching on both goes through the canvas as well as the web straps. Both have hangers intact and broken click-the dot snaps. The first is busted and worn down, as if it were smashed in the field, and the second has the male end stuck in the female end and popped off the canvas. Both dated 1944 inside. I thought these were interesting. Does anyone else have anything like this in their collections?



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Greg Robinson

I've never seen such an e tool carrier before but I can identify the straps they used. Both are USMC straps for securing the blanket roll, one is for the OD ("khaki") shelter half and the other for the camouflage one.



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