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My New drawing

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Wow man, looking great! And this is coming from a fellow Artist. You really have a knack for drawing! I can do grayscale just fine...but I flub when it comes to color. Let us know when these are for sale, I might think of picking one up for sure!

"We are now up against live, hostile targets. So if Little Red Riding Hood shows up with a Bazooka and a bad attitude, I expect you to chin the bitch!"

Sgt. Wells

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I finished this one today i thougt i would show it, It has been a difficult one but worth it i think.

I am going to get my two pics printed as some others want copies of them, I am starting a new one tomorrow

for a friend. Thanks for all the comments on my work.



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Freedom isnt free... it must be paid for. Too often it is paid for by the blood of patriots. For those who have paid their share, Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.

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Once again you have outdone yourself with the para/pic from 101st! Just absolutely beautiful in every way, shape, form, and color! Amazing. You are truly a very, very talented man! Thank you so much for showing us this work! So, anything from the 82nd or glider related coming up that I will not be able to live without?


Speaking of selling, how much are you selling your prints for....they are outstanding!

Always looking for 325th G.I.R. and WWII USMC items!


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