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BC611 101st Airborne Division


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As a collector, I once in a while put a small advertisement in the local newspaper (in the South of The Netherlands) and "ask" for WW2 memorabilia.


A guy called me (already a few years ago) and told me that he was cleaning his garage and had found a walkie-talkie. He had read my ad and if I was interested I could pick it up or otherwise it would disappear in the trash bin.

I jumped on my bycicle (in The Netherlands we all have on average 2,3 bycicles) and went to his home. He showed me the walkie-talkie and I immediately recognized a nice BC611. The first question which popped up; "where did het get this thing from?".




On September 17 1944, during operation Market Garden he was 7 years old and lived in a town called Geldrop (near Son & Eindhoven). His witnessed the airborne landings and the day after (September 18), he went to the drop zone in Son, with his brother, and found this BC611 in/near a glider. He took it home and he kept it there for the next 60 years. He played with the BC611 and later his kids used it as a toy and 60 years later I became the new owner.


Being at home I closely investigated the BC611 and noticed that on the bottom lid, "E 1" was painted..................... Am I the proud owner of an Easy Company relic?! It has to be!




Thanks for reading an replying, any comments are welcome!


Regards from The Netherlands

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