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Are/were ALL Caterpillar Club pins engraved with a name ?





No, in fact Switlik pins are not engraved. Some Irvin/Irving pins are ( the gold ones, the silver ones are not) . Some of the other companies pins are such as Pioneer.


Here is a good thread on the pins:







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I realize this is an ancient thread, but I have recently made the acquaintance of the co-pilot of 43-38392 "Old Crow" on the January 16, 1945 flight and crash. His name is Joseph Clarke, and I discussed this very crash issue with him this afternoon. According to Mr. Clarke, all crew bailed out and the only casualty was the ball turret gunner named Robert Maher who died as a result of parachute failure.


It is Mr. Clarke's opinion that the January 16, 1945 account of Carothers rescuing a crew member is not accurate. Further Mr. Clarke is is not aware of Carothers having been awarded the DFC, Silver Star or the DSC. Mr. Clarke did advise that Carothers was a "colorful" character, so take what you will from that.


In the crew picture posted in this thread, Mr. Clarke is front row, second from the left. He is a very charming man; 92 years young.

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In regard to the long past discussion of the Carothers "Lucky Bastard" award document appearing to have been issued some time post war, I have Mr. Clarke's recollection that his crew did not get such a document. Instead, they were given a "Certificate of Honor" listing the missions flown. I have a copy of Mr. Clarke's "Certificate of Honor" and it is signed by the same two officers that signed the certificate in the Carothers collection.


To further beat the dead horse, based on what I have been told by Mr. Clarke, the one living witness to some of these claimed deeds by Mr. Carothers, I am convinced that Mr. Carothers' story is highly suspect. I have no doubt that he completed the 30 missions with the 18th Bomb Squadron and that he did parachute out of the burning bomber over England, as did Mr. Clarke. Beyond that, as others have opined, this personal story appears to have been embellished.


At this point, I'm not sure that any of the above matters. It's just interesting to me that I have the ability to fact check something like this 70+ years later with a person who was actually there when these claimed events occurred.

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I bet he got the 100th BG LB certificate from the 100th BG association years after the war. Notice that a number of the signers put USAF after their names.



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