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LEGION of MERIT--Showcase

Jack's Son

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Here is my Legion of Merit Chief Commander. I especially like this example because of the well made swivel: rather than being a simple wrapped wire it is a formed piece at that end which allows it to only open to about 45 degrees. (a detailed photo is attached in next post but notice the flat top at that end in the second photo). Overall it appears to be very well made which begs two questions: Has anybody got an idea who the manufacturer was ...and/or... An approximate manufacturing timeframe ?




I also have numbered Legionnaire & Officer grades. The numbers are: 14652 and 5379 respectively. The odds are agin' me but: Might they be on the list of traceable ones ? I'd sure appreciate the assist.









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Here is a Legion of Merit Commander that has been identified as a immediate post war transition piece (1946-1949). The single hand sewn snap, using colored thread, helps to identify this medal as a transition piece. The medal is not numbered.




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More pictures of this transition medal. The watersilk ribbon is just beautiful. The pictures do not do this medal set justice.




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I received a compleate frame with all four degrees.


Surprise, the Chief Commander is a "12C" made by Coro.


One of the lapel pins is for a Commander made by B.B.& B.


The Officer and Legionaire are marked "G-I E.P."

Any information what timecrame the E.P. were made ?


Today I will post the ribbons and lapel pins. Tomorrow I will make pictures of the medals and post them.






Starting with ribbon CC made by H.L.P.




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Lapel pin for the Commander degree

screw back


In my opinion a Commander device was added on a Chief Commander base ( note gold frame at front and the gold color at reverse )



The screw is missing.

If someone has one please send PM.




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And finally the best


LOM Commander lapel pin

"B.B.& B. BRONZE "

screw back



Unfortunately, the screw is missing. Can someone post a picture it looks like ?





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