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First I will put this out there - I KNOW NOTHING ON CHEVRONS!!! With that said here are two chevrons that come in a lot of patches and other chevrons i got a few weeks ago. These two were in there own bag that had west point chevrons on them. Are they west Point chevrons - I dont think they are but in any case I bought the lot for the SSI and a dress blue SFC chevron for a friend. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If they turn out not to be US militaria i am not going to cry!


Thanks everyone,



PFC Kitt



"Remember Bataan, Never Forget"

Actively looking for U.S. Army Run/Swim/Walk For Your Life patches.


Treasurer, ASMIC




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Look like it to me. If not then some other military school.


After having a double bypass this past year, it's time to downsize and pass along much of my 'stuff'. I've had my fun, now it is someone elses turn.

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They are used at WP, as well at The Citadel, and even where I went to high school, Camden Military Academy. When worn on the lower sleeve, they are corporals, when on the upper sleeve, a sergeant.



Actively seeking North Carolina and 30th infantry Division-related items from all periods.

Also looking for items belonging to veterans that went to The Citadel in Charleston.


Troop D, 1-150th Cavalry RGT, 30th HBCT. M1A1 SEP Tank Commander.

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Agree that these are military academy. They may be West Point, but pre 1970's due to the long point and narrow stripes. I have some vintage 1974 with a shorter point, thicker stripes, and more distance between stripes.


PFC Kitt's look like chevrons on older cadet coats in the museum.



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