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Cleaning kit for - BAR?

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Disclaimer: I pretty much know next to nothing about firearms...


I have been told this is a cleaning kit for a BAR. But I am not finding a whole lot online. I am struggling to figure out what the parts are. I think it includes a hinged chamber brush. And item is a wrench.


The label on the 1 item says, best I can figure out,


Part No 13-0-167

Code 8560

PKD 6/52 MR


I packed the pieces back into their leather case before taking any measurements. But, I will get them back out if necessary.

As a reference - the width of the leather case is 5.25 inches.


Identification of the parts and ideas of what it is for would be very appreciated. :D



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Looks like a BAR parts pouch to me.The wrench is some sort of a combo screw drive/wrench tool.The brush is for the chamber,the top item I am guessing is an oiler/oil bottle.THe other piece I have no idea unless its some type of speed loader for the magazine.Hard to gauge size of it unless you have a BAR mag.



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The oiler shown in your photo is the type normally issued for a Model 1928A1 Thompson. The oiler for the BAR is the oil can type with the top retained by a chain. (Ref. Ballou - Rock in a Hard Place, The Browning Automatic Rifle.)



Looking for original photos and other items from the First World War US 77th Infantry Division.

Also interested in BAR and M1917A1 BMG related items.

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The wrench is the BAR combination tool.Everything else,except as pointed out the oiler is for the BAR.You need the gas cylinder cleaning tool,a ruptered cartridge extractor,and a brush and thong along with the correct oiler to complete it.The little canvas pouch came in the 3"x4" and 3"x3" sizes and the BAR kit had one each for small pieces or patch holders.Go to this sight http://www.90thidpg.us/Reference/Manuals/index.html and download the FM 23-15 30 June,1943 BAR manual.There is a page illustrating the cleaning and spare parts kit.

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