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Vinyl Magazine Bag?

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Hey gang,


This came in a large lot on military items I just purchased.


What is this clear, vinyl bag used for? I'm assuming it's military with what looks like a M-16 bullet and Vietnamese instructions.




Thank you in advance for your help.





Deploy the Holy Hand Grenade.



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The bag contained a rifle magazine for the M-16. The thought behind it was that since the troops typically just threw these away anyway, why not put a "Chieu Hoi" (Surrender) message on them? They were made in the millions though, and lots have survived. It's a neat piece though.


After having a double bypass this past year, it's time to downsize and pass along much of my 'stuff'. I've had my fun, now it is someone elses turn.

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Hi, here are photos of these bags. The shorter two are for 20rd magazines, dated 1970 and the bigger one is for 30rd magazine, dated 1980.

My friend´s co-worker is from Vietnam so I asked him for translation. Here is: Help, who wants to meet again parents, husband, wife or children, restore democracy and remove communism regime.


1st Lt. Pavel "Padre" Poch

D Comp. 194 GIR 17 AB

Re-enacting group Czech republic








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