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Hi all,


Does anybody have the names of the number 10 & 15 parts? I dont seem to find the correct terminology?




Thanks !

Actively looking for demolition related items from WW2. Anything!


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Looks like #10 is the sear and #15 is the trigger connector according to the diagram on the Numrich site.



“There's not much I can tell you about this war. It's like all wars, I guess.The undertakers are winning.The politicians who talk about the glory of it.The old men who talk about the need of it.The soldiers, well, they just wanna go home.” Jimmy Stewart in Shenandoah



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Stijn...text me or email me please buddy...im going to be needing some BAR parts....ive just brought a 6/44 NESA BAR....today....;-) cant have you having it all your own way..





What do you need another one of those for.....you have 6 of them already ?.........



my girlfriend to me on a regular basis as another piece of US WW2 "Green stuff" aka militaria arrives in the post..:-)







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