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M1 Medic helmets in wear


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Litter Bearers carry patients to the Danube River for evacuation by amphibious vehicles to an Aid Station at Heinheim, Germany. Picture taken between 27 - 28 April 1945, during the fighting for Eining and Staubling:




After mopping up isolated enemy during the advance on Wetzlar, Germany, C Co, 393d Inf Regt, discovered a trainload of abandoned American PWs. Nearly 300 of them had been deserted by their retreating captors on a railroad siding after a desperate attempt to move them from their confinement in Limburg (Germany) as the liberating American columns swept eastward. Med Det personnel immediately began evacuation of the most severe cases…




While evacuating a patient from Langscheid, this Medical Technician had a close call ... just look at the vehicle:




Litter party evacuating 'casualty' over rough terrain. Picture taken during training at Cp. Maxey, Texas. It should be remarked that Litter Bearers do not wear the (medical) Suspender:




From: med-dept.com/unit_histories/324_med_bn.php

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Evacuation by 1/4-Ton Truck in deep snow. This picture was taken in the vicinity of Monschau and illustrates Medical Detachment personnel of the 393d Infantry Regiment, during the Battle of the Bulge:




Mid-January 1945. Official Award Ceremony and presentation of Bronze Star Medals at Born, Belgium:




View of the same Ceremony, involving presentation of the BSM to several members of the 324th Medical Battalion:



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