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M1 Medic helmets in wear


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Variations in Geneva Convention Symbols painted on Steel Helmets:




Jeep Ambulance pertaining to the Medical Detachment of the 32d Armored Regiment (3d Armored Division), note extra Geneva Convention markings:




Geneva Convention Brassard being tucked behind camouflage net of Steel Helmet, field improvisation:




Medic helping an injured man, Geneva Convention Red Cross painted on Whitewashed Steel Helmet, winter improvisation:




Medics from the 94th Infantry Division trying on Geneva Convention Tabards, all Aid Men are wearing Brassards on both arms, also note the different sizes of Helmet Markings:




From: www.med-dept.com/ident.php

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Capt. Gordon C. Stenhouse (1st Battalion Surgeon, 505th PIR) rides a 'liberated' German Kettenkrad Motorcycle, now adorned with Allied Symbol (blue flag with white star) and Geneva Convention Markers. The trooper standing at right, Cpl. Lenagham was killed moments following the taking of this photograph.


From: WW2 US Medical Research Centre Homepage




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5th / 6th ESB, Captain belonging to either 61st / 60th Med Bn (see special red cross helmet markings):




5th ESB medics treating casualties - note special helmet markings (red cross outlined white):




From: users.skynet.be/jeeper/page92.html

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