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Post your picture here for identification at shows

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Here is my mug! Anyone in the Austin area let me know if you are going to any shows.

Hi, Legion. I live close to where 620 and 183 cross. Bet you drive it daily. Tell me what you collect? May have a lot of it and you are welcome to come over and take a look.


Friend also has a lot of stuff so between us, we should have some stuff you need.


Have you ever done the Sept show in Ft. Worth? I will not be there this year due to some health issues but it is a great show and it is not all that far. We are also still looking for a local place to do a show.





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I stick to So Cal shows, though, the parents haven't been to interest in driving me around :lol: :ermm:


Here's one from the last event at Fort MacArthur. Trying not to cramp fellow forum members kammo-man, pwmiraldi67 and paul_bish's style.

(I borrowed everything from miraldi I think :think:)




Here's another, from 2010 San Diego Comic Con. (been going for years :rolleyes:)

Hanging out with Lego Spongebob (just a little Farb, I know :lol:)



The paint stripping of M1 helmets, particularly protestor helmets, is destruction of history by the very men who claim to protect it.
Always looking for gear and items linked to the following: Joe S. Tamura US Army; Ken Tamura 442nd RCT; Capt. Emerson US Army Medical Corps, Norman Albert Wells Fifth Infantry Division



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Figured I'd post a pic in here. Haven't been out much, but I do go to events every once and a while.


(This is one of the only photos I could find of me that was clear, and not at an awkward angle)



That Guy, what area are you from?



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jhs1970426' date='Dec 7 2008, 02:35 PM' post='238236']

heres my goofy looking pic. my friend took the pic before i was ready. please dont make fun of me :crying: :lol:


I dont have any interesting ones with me and jets and fighters planes or in uniforms or anything cool like that. but this is the best i can do for now...





Ill take the Challenger R/T if you ever get tired of it. Had a 69 Runner in blue and a 72 Challenger in hemi orange.

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2009 SOS with my long lost cousin Rudi....I'm on the left of the pic


RIP My Stinky Faced Jumbo, the sweetest, most loving giant dog he touched the heart and life of everyone he came in contact with. He is a joyful spirit and I miss him greatly

23 April 2014

RIP My Dog Dog Jane, the Best Dog EVER. She was perfect in every way. Her spirit is with us every day. April 2019

I am a soldier, I fight where I am told, and I win where I fight.

GEN George S Patton, Jr.






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me about 5 mi off the coast of Nam. 1960 something





my wife Dena and I

"There are no great men, there are only great challenges that ordinary men are forced by circumstances to meet."- ADM William F. Halsey

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Heres me at the Reading Area WW2 Airshow back in June.Im usually at the East Coast shows...feel free to say Hi you probally cant miss my ugly mug lol packin%20heat.gif

Bombadier Ken Claussen? was this the same Ken Claussen of All The President's Men fame? he was a AC Officer.

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Bombadier Ken Claussen? was this the same Ken Claussen of All The President's Men fame? he was a AC Officer.

Sorry my mistake, the individual in question was Ken Dahlberg not Ken Claussen

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Well, Here I am "Alonzo", aka. Wes Krause. Yup, an Albertan aka. "Canuck" but not a "Canucks" fan nor a "Flames" fan...what are those anyhow, amateur golfers????

It has been said that Alberta is Canada's Montana...living 90 minutes from the border I have to agree.

Yes, I did fire that little gun in the picture...it was a blast!!!!!


Curator/Owner Ghost Squadron Military Museum,

Curator, South Alberta Light Horse Regimental Museum

Collector of;
U.S. Infantry, uniforms, and equipment, 1860 to 1950, Primarily the 41st and 88th Infantry Divisions of WW1 and WW2, United States Army Air Force, Anything B-17 Flying Fortress related, National Guard of Pennsylvania, Royal Canadian Air Force, 4th Canadian Armored division. Springfield Armory firearms, U.S. military firearms in general.


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