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Post your picture here for identification at shows

CNY Militaria

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Here I am!, this is about 6 or 7 months old, flash make me look very white, Oh well! I am the one sitting on the ground (notice my chessey smile! LOL) I have gotten a haircut since lol


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This is me.




A little out of military context, but I really like to get involved at the militaria and gun shows.



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Here's me in the Army and another at Gathering of Mustangs with my daughter, and finally, at the set of "80 Acres of Hell" for the History Channel




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Heres me at the Reading Area WW2 Airshow back in June.Im usually at the East Coast shows...feel free to say Hi you probally cant miss my ugly mug lol :packin heat:


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heres my goofy looking pic. my friend took the pic before i was ready. please dont make fun of me crying.gif:lol:


I dont have any interesting ones with me and jets and fighters planes or in uniforms or anything cool like that. but this is the best i can do for now...



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Some new pics of me, marching today in the Statesville NC Christmas Parade. Civil Air Patrol, NC-162. It was raining a little bit, but was fun. I'm at the back of the formation on the far side.




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Well....I won't be at any shows anytime soon, but I have decided to post a photo, not only of myself but of my Fiance Izabela.

Hope to meet some of you forum members one day....when I get the chance to head to a show in the U.S.





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Many members here may not recognize each other at the Show of Shows next month, so here is an opportunity to post a photo of yourself so that If I or anyone else sees you, we can introduce ourselves or just say "hey". I know I would certainly like to meet many of you in person!


Here I am as of last week, and this is my avatar photo as well. The other is from this fall when I was on the news.





"GREETINGS & SALUTATIONS!" Here is old man Booker's picture, ain't I a mess? Wearing a uniform of an unpaid voluteer group that performs burial honours for veterans, I am their photographer. Also make their posters and do their artwork as well. think.gif Sarge Booker of Tujunga, California (hhbooker2@yahoo.com) w00t.gif


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craig johnson

Here are the kids ( totally candid) M1 Wheeled Mount

Might see them at shows someday




Marine Corp Cart.




2008 MVPA Portland Convention giving my opinion about their sign




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