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M1 Garand & WWI M1911

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Well, I pulled the proverbial trigger on two tings this weekend- a WWI Colt 1911 and a lockbar sight for my '44 Springfield M1 rifle. Already posted the Colt in the 'firearms' section, but I had a chance to snap the M1 with the "new" old sight today. Not really exciting photos, but I had been looking for a while and wow, I could have made a lockbar from parts for thirty bucks more than I paid for this one. Looks almost un-issued. I am pretty pleased, especially now that I have to go re-zero the rifle. It's a good excuse to go shooting






I got the Colt and the lockbar at the Marlboro MA show this weekend. There were four or five M1 carbines that looked really great, some were reasonably priced, too. I would have bought one but the Colt beat up my wallet enough for one day


The Colt ain't the best but I've wanted one for a while. It's a "UNITED STATES PROPERTY" marked example, and it's a time machine, like my M1 rifle. This stuff fascinates me, that I can buy this stuff and own a little bit of history



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