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i inspect the rest:


1. QM stamb is intensiv carbon-black,

2. XUONG IB => is writen: XUONG I.B and the "I" looks like a roman "1" and there is a point between I and B

3. XUONG IB stamb is another color "brown to red" but not carbon-black

4. i ask some collectors and layman what is first stamped => its difficult to say, but most people say QM is first, i ask only neutral without to say something

5. after instection the XUONG IB stamp, there are some crossline over the QM (see QM corner) ...but is very hard to see

6. the repro (apple) and my uniform (pear) have different cuts, i know that, but its good to compare repro and an unknown uniform. (seam, fabric, color and the knowledge of repro's source)

7. my uniform is thicker and heavier

8. the end of my black seams turned purple/blue

9. the green seams have some brown stains

10. if vietnam repro this, its unbelievable, its to good for vietnam, to good for within the last 10 years, the effort is so high for vietnam

11. if japan or korea repro, the seams are to bad sewn, unclean

12. i hope to get some pics of this uniform with the owner in the 70s

13. i want to know where the story with the movie stamp come from, is the story legit?



thanks a lot to you all!!!


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Well since this poor "horse" has been beaten into the ground.


Gimp, like everyone has said since this thread has started, if you are happy with the set that is all the matters. You finally found someone who agrees with you, so that is good.

You have had some of the most advanced Vietnam camo collectors voice their opinions.

I am going to close this thread as all the iformation that could be posted, both pro and con, has been posted. If it keeps going it it just going to keep spinning in the dirt.


"A militaria show is a social event for anti-socials" - A.T. 2008

ASMIC Executive President





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