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WW1 Lafayette Flying Corps Uniform/Document Group


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This is Rheno's mint 1916 passport to France to

enlist in the French Foreign Legion and on to Aviation.

One does not see many of these anymore for American


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Going through this group's paper items has been a facinating research project . It has led me to break this large group into 3 basic areas that include Rheno's uniform and military artifacts; his letters home, and the post war involvement of his family members with the Lafayette Escadrille Memorial Foundation in France. While there is no way for me to prove it, I believe that these documents pertaining to the construction and dedication of this memorial has to be one of the most comprehensive collections still in existance.


Sgt. Rheno was survived by his brother, Winthrop C. Rheno, a sister, Clara L. Rheno, and his mother, Clara M. Rheno. These archives cover a span of 17 years, from 1921 to 1938. They offer an incredible insight on how these men were loved and respected by the French Government as well as the enormous patriotism that existed in our own country during and after the Great War.


It begins in 1921 when all surviving pilots and family members of the deceased airmen of the Lafayette Escadrille (Flying Corps) were informed of the intent to construct a memorial in honor of these special men. The following images are of the original items that were received by Sgt. Rhemo's family concerning this memorial that was indeed constructed and dedicated in 1928. I value these rare items as much as I do the military artifacts found in this group. I hope folks won't find this portion too laborious or boring.


Images will follow



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Wow. and Wow again.

You can't ask for much better or more complete documentation than this!

Its odd, even the ordinary stuff was just so pretty back then.

One last Wow.

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These items were in the large mailing envelopes for the fund raising in the U.S.

for the memorial. These items are in near perfect condition!

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