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Recently I made a trip to the local antique mall with my wife and two year old daughter. I spent most of my time chasing after my daughter, making sure she didn't destroy some expensive antique. She finally got interested in a shelf of used books, and I was grateful for a chance to rest. While waiting, I noticed a small leather case hanging from a nail on the side of the bookshelf - with nothing better to do at the moment, I picked it up and looked to see what it contained. Inside was a pair of binoculars made by the National Instrument Corporation of Houston, Texas, but what really caught my attention was the inscription written inside the case: "Lt. John I Magee USA INF. WW II 1942-1945." On closer inspection I also found he scratched his name on the binoculars as well. I took the binoculars home for the grand sum of $8 and considered it money well spent. I have not found any information on Lt. Magee yet, but I am still looking.











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