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ALERT: STOLEN Civil War Cannon M1841 Gun (6 pounder)


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Guys, this was forwarded to me a few hours ago. CW reenactors, despite the bitter politics and grudges, are after all is said and done a fairly small fraternity. If the thief has any sense about him, he will want to peddle this among the collecting community at large. The more people who know about it, the more difficult it will be for the bad guys to sell it, and the more likely it is that they will be caught. We can all well imagine the feeling of violation, helplessness, and anger that this poor guy is experiencing right now. Most of us have had things stolen, and I know of at least one forum member who had a theft of this scale in the recent past. Let's work together to get the word out as far and wide as possible.


I will email this gentleman to see if there are photos of the gun, trailer, and other equipment that could be posted.


Subject: My Stolen Cannon



> Dear Fellow Reenactors,


> My Cannon, limber and covered 18ft Car hauler was stolen from my lot at 4218 Pelham, Dearborn Heights, MI 48125. Batty B 1st Michigan Light Artillery's entire gear was enclosed in the well locked up trailer. My trailer has distinctive bullet hole decals running up both sides and a giant cannonball splat on the back door. I want to get this information out as quick as I can. The more eyes we have looking the better!


> U.S. 1841 6pdr cannon mark C.A.&CO 1845 on trunnions 298 over W.V. on Muzzle

> No. 5. Limber U.S. 6 pdr.

> Trailer is a 2000 Haulmark 18ft covered car hauler charcoal gray

> VIN 16HGB1834YH065667.

> Please forward to any and all your C.W. reenactors and reenacting websites.


> Police Contact is: Dearborn Hgts. Police

> 313 277-6770

> Officer Beaudree

> Case # 2010-84


> Reward!

> Thanks

> Dr. Bill Vecchioni


I did not post his email or phone numbers (I assume that he would want that, but thought it best to ask first before putting someone's private personal contact info on the net. If for some reason he declines or if you have information to pass along right away, use the contact information for the officer in the Dearborn Heights PD.


Thanks for your assistance in this matter!

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I can just see him hauling it into pawn stars or it will be the new feature in front of his Ruby Ridge estate.

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This Is becoming a disturbing trend. The bronze 6lb gun from Ft. Meigs in Perrysburg Ohio was stolen with its trailer a few years ago. The theif panicking because a gredevbal system feild peice is hard to move in the toledo area, cut it up (mainly the tube) and dumped it into the maumee river.

Cost the sight manager his job.


As a reformed artillerist, I would hate to think that our reenactor cannon are becoming the new hot target for thieves....

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