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USN Corpsman Bags


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Yes! I now this is an old tread, but this was the best place for me too show you my Corpsman bag. This one was found in a Norwegian military depot and has been in my Collection for some years. Hope you like it.


Best Regards



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Does anyone have a Component List of medical supplies that were issued with the Case, Canvas, Carrying, 14-280 (USN Corpsman, WWII)?
In light of the fact that the US Navy and US Army used a different stock number format in their supply chains, it is interesting to note that the photos I've seen of the medical supplies in WWII era Navy Corpsman bags are not US Navy issue.
The attached image, which is based on the USMC Medical Battalion's Table of Organization dated 5 May 1944, is the only one I've seen that shows a USN Corpsman bag with supplies that have a US Navy stock number format (ie, 1-234). I've also attached photos of 4 medical items that are included in this image to include:

1. Bandage, 2" x 8 yds, USN Stock No. 2-106
2 Bandage, 3" x 6 yds, USN Stock No 2-111
3. Large Battle Dressing, USN Stock No. 2-391
4. Small Battle Dressing, USN Stock No. 2-396


USMC Corpsman Medical Bag.jpg

2-106 Bandage, Gauze Compressed, USN (1).JPG

2-111 Bandage, Gauze, Compressed, USN (1).JPG

Battle Dressing, Large 2-391.jpg

Battle Dressing, Small 2-396.JPG

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There is a another long Forum Thread on here somewhere that has complete inventory lists that were supplied by member Dustin direct from the archives. Try PM'ing him for the link if you can't find it.   

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