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Fake modified DCU?

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Isn't it great when staff members openly bash former members??


anyway, the jacket does look a little strange to me.



I don't think anyone here knew he was a former member until you said something. While it is my desire to encourage young people, like Andrew, to be collectors who are knowledgeable, he hardly has the experience that many of the actual "Veterans", who are current members on this forum, do have.


By the way, you state that the jacket does look a little strange to you... what specifically looks stange?

"There is no such thing as an expert, only students with different levels of education."

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anyway, the jacket does look a little strange to me.


Enlighten us please?


As far I'm concerned, you collect WWII and few other eras but not much of DCU collector. :ermm: Many of those guys who replied to this thread are experts in that field and seems that many of them were there and had experience. So I can vouch for them.


It looks a little "strange" because it has been modified to meet soldier's need in battlefield.



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I was in a unit/units and first had "modified" BDU's (sleeve pkts,velcro,and individually made/worn. Pocket angles vary from straight across,to slanted like current ACU type) in 1988,used OCONUS and during some FTX/CALFX's only,never were "accepted" outside the SOF units,and no one could ever wear one on Ft Bragg (or,I suppose,Ft Campbell,HAAF ect) without drawing fire from every 18th ABN Corps and 82nd ABN DIV Officer and 1st SGT/SGM around.


When Desert Shield/Storm hit, we had modified 6 color DCU's along with reg issue,mixed in and worn. shirts had sleeve pockets and velcro,pants sometimes had a small pocket like VN tigerstripes on the leg. I have 2 sets left,and one shirt has OD velcro,one shirt has black,and the layout on both are different as they were made in different shops (the old "OK Sewing, and General Jackson's). I have a 3rd that while modified,has 2 top pkts,and glint tape on both lower sleeve cuff areas,and at the back under the Elvis collar,and a US flag on the L sleeve,right under where a velcro swatch had been,on both sleeves,but removed.I dont remember why I removed it.


So,as to when did this start,WE had got the idea from several VN vets who were,at the time,still serving,and I had a ERDL that had sleeve pkts,so it goes at least that far back I suppose.

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This system of using the first letter of the last name and the the last four numbers of the SSN is part of the Battle Roster Number system. The Battle Roster Number can be arranged differently depending on the Brigade Standard Operating Procedures. What appears in the uniforms is an abbreviated Battle Roster Number, there are more letters to the Battle Roster Number before the SSN numbers than just the initial of the last name. Usually it is correct that this letter is the soldiers initial of his last name, usually. The letter before the last four of the SSN could be the initial of the soldier's last name, but maybe it is some sort of unit designator too.

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When one of the Companies in the MP battalion I was in came back in 2004, they had to turn in all of the DCU's and sent them back to the MOB station. It is possible the shirt was used by someone with the last name starting with "A" then reissued to someone with the last name on the shirt.

Honorably Discharged OEF VI/VII Veteran

US Army Military Police


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OKAY......I just spent the last hour searching through a 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division yearbook from Operation Iraqi Freedom 2006-2007. On page 113, there is a soldier named Specialist Legaspi. He was with HHC "Huron" Brigade S1 Section. NOW.....I found no other names even remotely similar to Legaspe elsewhere in the book. Is it the same Legaspe? It is possible. Think about how many mistakes your school yearbooks made over the years with misnamed pictures and misspelled names. Before anyone says anything, I know the DCU in question wasn't used during the 2006-2007 time period. However the soldier in question could have reenlisted. It is just a thought, not a guarantee. As a matter of fact, in this same book I was able to find a picture of the soldier that my named CCU's came from. :thumbsup:


That being said...even if this isn't the same person, it doesn't mean the jacket isn't good. To me, this jacket is a classic example of a post-9/11 modified jacket. I have seen modified jackets use white, black, green, and tan velcro for pocket fasteners. There are too many variations for us to rule out anything at this time. There has been no definitive work written on modified jackets (maybe someday I'll write one). No one has seen all the variations that were made or used by the soldiers. For example, I have been collecting modified jackets for 12 years now and have seen two examples that I never knew existed within the last three months. :blink:


Tell you how certain I am that it is a good jacket.....if you EVER decide to sell this jacket, please give me first refusal. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Always looking for US and foreign militaria from the Central American wars circa 1970-1990




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I see absolutley nothing wrong with this jacket. Here is a theory. Uniforms are issued to soldiers by the Govt. and they are repsonsible to return them when they leave the service. Replacement cost on these uniforms would be high. Why couldn't a soldier go to a base surplus shop and by a used DCU for $5-$10 that he could have someone modify for him/her instead of destroying what was issued. Just my two cents worth.


P.S. For what it's worth.....I'd be pleased to have this jacket in my collection.


When I left the service in 1985, I kept all my issued uniforms, hats, boots, etc. No one asked for anything back, other than field gear (which I still had the steel pot and the pre kevlar flak vest which they refused to take back) ;) I had just been issued four sets of woodland cammies, 3 covers, two pr. boots, 4 pair socks in March and I was discharged in July. I told them at the depo that I was getting out and they said "It says you didn't get your issue a year ago so you're getting it now" Why argue with the U.S. Government?

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I was just at a little country antique store today,and oddly enough, they had a whole rack of Woodland camo and DCU uniforms that had been sold to the store by somebody. All of the uniforms were very lightly worn,and some not at all-I bought an unworn DCU jacket with the tag still on it,and a woodland M65 that was also unissued and unworn. There were maybe 5 more DCU jackets there,all with Air Force patches on them,but with the owner's name tape removed. $5 for the jacket,and $15 for the M65.

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