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Unusual WWII Era Civilian AAFSD Patch


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Here is an unusual WWII patch that I hope someone will recognize and be able to shed some light on. I just received a photo album from my father, and this photo was included with the patch, paper clipped to it. The photo is of my grandfather Pearl Calvin Law and the handwriting at the top says CIVILIAN CAPTAIN 1942-1945 AAFSFD WORLD WAR - 2 MOTOR POOL ALL ROLLING EQU. The back of the picture is ink stamped The Revelator Public Relations Office AAF Storage Depot Ohio State Fairgrounds Columbus 3, Ohio.


The story my grampa told me was that he was in charge of a motorpool at the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus Ohio during WWII. This depot was used as a location to prepare vehicles for shipment to Europe. He was a master mechanic and he told me in great detail how the vehicles were “pickled” in preparation for shipment. Pickling was the term for doing things like replacing spark plugs with special desiccant plugs to keep moisture out of the motor cylinders. There was also liberal grease and cosmoline applied to the vehicles to basically weatherproof them. The motorpool was also used for repair and retrofit of used vehicles, but I do not remember if these vehicles came back from Europe or were stateside vehicles, in need of TLC. My grandfather died awhile ago, but I remember sitting enthralled, while he told be about his experiences during WWII.


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