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Some of my WWII Naval Aviator flight helmets

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Latest setup. Just got this one. Beautiful modified M-450 with acoustic earcups and TH37 receivers. Grouping came with the original goggles, leggings, patches and a copy of all the pages of his log book.

Log book shows wartime flights in VMSB-343, as a gunner in SBD Dauntless and SB2C Helldiver aircraft. Shows him flying as the gunner from Midway Island, doing escort, strafing, night glide bombing, patrol, sub cover, search, diving bombing, and more.

The Sergeant rank was theater made and very interesting. I do not collect ranks but this one was made from scratch, was it common to do that in combat areas?


This was a great group, it was in my collection for years and I sold it couple years ago after I picked up another version of the helmet. The last seller pulled the log book out of the group for some reason when he sold the helmet. The vet served late WW2 out of Midway.

There was a gold Enlisted EGA in the group as well when I sold it.

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Whoaa, thanks for posting all those beautiful helmets Dustin. They are incredible, that was pure helmet porn looking at all those amazing setups :). Thanks again for posting them.

It really sucks that the log book was separated.

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Heavy stuff Dustin. I like they way of attached bill. It it higher sewed to the helmet for use a goggle more comfortable.


Thanks for this pic!



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