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Some of my WWII Naval Aviator flight helmets

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Latest and greatest. I love that setup. It displays really well and it is not common to find modified M-450. The helmet was modified with the addition of a strip of material in the middle to make it larger. I love the way it was done and it gives the helmet a completely different look. Also oxy snaps were added on both sides (2 on each side). Ia m displaying it with AN6530 goggles and a 1092W chincup (i saw it done on pictures of pilots)







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Nice one! Always M450 with o2 snaps are my favorite!




Yup, me too. The ones I display though are the ones with cool modifications like the one above, it makes them unique.

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Latest helmet. Pre-war corduroy flight helmet in very salty condition. I didn't have one with the leather earcups. The only one i had has TC66 cups. Setup is not common and hard to find. This one is very salty and has lots of damage but it displays well. The buckle is missing but it still displays pretty well. Those setups were used at the beginning of the war. If only this one could talk. One cool thing about it which i love is that it was rigger modified by the addition of a brow reinforcement on the inside.






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Latest setup. M-450 with volcano earcups and TH37 receivers. Helmet saw a lot of use but is still in pretty good shape. Those setups are really hard to come by and i like the hand-stitched style and the fact that the cups were installed upside down :). Earcups are named. I am going to need to do some research.





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Latest setup named to a Lt. Comdr. N. Wakefield. It is a simple helmet but I like the TH37 cord installed with ANBH1A receivers. The beautiful MKII goggles came with it as well. It is getting hard to find MKII goggles in any condition and these are beautiful. If anyone has any info on N. Wakefield please let me know.






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Latest helmet. AN6540 that was used a LOT. This one saw a ton of action. it was ripped and i had to fix it, the result is amazing. Goggles are the M1944 and came with it. If only it could talk. The interesting thing about this helmet is how much it was used and the extra oxy snap on top of the helmet that was used to hold the lip mic in place. i had never seen an example like that. Quite the rare bird that's why the helmet was worth saving. it displays really well.




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I actually already had one helmet with snap on to of the helmet. The pilot Henry Shaw served with VMF-155 and later VMF-322 in the Pacific. He actually served with John Glenn in VMF-155 in the Pacific. He received a DFC for his actions in the Pacific. The pilot's name is on the brow of the helmet and the goggle strap. I also have his entire files from before his deployment when he was in training.







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