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Some of my WWII Naval Aviator flight helmets

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Finally people posting pics of Navy flight helmets to the thread, yeah... That's a lot of snaps. Now I know you've got more helmets, the "rare" ones. Let's not be bashful and post pics of your rare ones like this green deck helmet with tc66 earcups I recently acquired:





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QM Jones I guess it would be nice to see some of your clear and well displayed examples of Navy flying gear. The same like other Navy flight gear which you got. For sure there are some rare and great pieces.





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Yes QmJones don't be bashful, we now know that you can take pictures and you can post them on the thread (and also have an inordinate amount of green nylon helmets with oxy snaps), so post away.

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One of my latest helmets. NAF 1092 leather flight helmet with volcano earcups added and oxygen mask snaps. This rare variation is extremely hard to come by with the volcano earcups and oxygen snaps. It is named to a Lt. (I will try and decipher the last name but it will be tough). I actually got this helmet from a forum member and I am very happy with my purchase, I love this forum.

I have 3 1092 leather helmets with volcano earcups but none had the oxygen snaps added so it is a very good addition to the collection and one I did not have.



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Here's a find from a recent show in SE PA. I came across this discussion in an attempt to learn more about it. Helmet is 288s-27405, which a linked thread suggests is from late 1944. I see O2 hardware, but no mask came with the set. Headset is ANB-H-1A with braided cord and the goggles are AN 6530s. They cleaned up really well. As far as I know these have always been together, and show honest wear.


There is a name on the inside, but no service number. Without any leads from the seller, is there any possibility of finding out his info without it? I wouldn't even know where to begin.


Love this forum. Learning so much. Enjoy the pics.





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