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Some of my WWII Naval Aviator flight helmets

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Nice to hear it Tom. In free time can you post a story and pic of your 1065 B8 goggle's from USN aviator groupings. Thanks, Jerry


Sure, what do you want to know? I can post pics of them if you want but they are just regular B8 goggles. Both have the B8 on one side but only one has the USAAF marking on the other side, the other one only has the round outline with nothing in it.

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I just asking about story of these goggles, pilot story, type of helmet which with came from etc....





One came with the huge Sorensen grouping and the over one with the Tiffin grouping (I believe you have one of his nametags)

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Okay if they are B8 marked, this is something different than 1065 goggle. Look at strap, are different 1065 vs B8/1068. This kind of strap with goggle above I guess is last WW2 version B8/1068 goggle... that is interesting that USN pilot have a full USAAF goggle.



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you are correct they are the full AAF B8 goggles. Not that weird. I also have a painted USAAF ANS-31A flight suit complete with AAF star and wings on the sleeve named to a VP118 (the Pettit) crewmember. THis one came with pictures, his helmet and goggles and a few other things.

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