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Some of my WWII Naval Aviator flight helmets

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These pictures are not the best and the display head does not do this helmet any service but here it goes; I still need to change the display head. THis is a 6540 helmet with oxygen snaps and TH37 receivers. This configuration is not common with oxygen snaps. I am now displaying it with different goggles and a better display head.



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Early AN6542. This one is very interesting for several reasons. It has a big AAF stamp on top, It has rigger added snaps, they are reinforced with leather from the back and with heavy duty canvas from the front. It also sports a leather name tag on the brow section (A.J. Bregar)
Bregar flew P-51 Mustangs out of Iwo Jima and was credited with 2 kills. He was a AAF pilot and this helmet is a beautiful example of cross service use of gear. I was aware the Navy used AAF gear a lot but I had never owned a Navy helmet used by an Army pilot. The weird thing is that Adolph Bregar is listed on the USS White Plains aircraft carrier (CVE-66) in February of 1944. It must have been used as a transport for the many AAF men listed on the Nonenlisted Passengers list. A huge thank you to Forum Support all the information and the pictures of Bregar in his P-51 Mustang on Iwo Jima




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They used escort carriers like the White Plains to transport the P51s and pilots overseas to Guam prior to their flying to Tinian and than Iwo. I'm not sure which Group was on the White Plains.


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Extremely salty 1092 helmet with early volcano earcups. The helmet and earcups are still in great shape. THe inside show considerable wear. It is named to Richard Pycke who received his navy wings of gold July 23rd 1942. Any info about the pilot would be appreciated



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