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Jeepers Creepers, How'd They Protect Those Peepers?


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A little grouping of WWII, protective eyewear and disposable goggles from my meager collection. Here is a list of the items and descriptions from top left.


1) Rare pair of Goggles, Ski, Polaroid. Larger than the M-1943 goggles below.


2) Goggles, M-1943 with issue OD leatherette case. Goggles ink stamped US 1944 inside. Note protective paper on lenses


3) Mask, Face, Rocket-Launcher with original issue box. Similar to M1943 goggles, but with extra oilcloth piece sewn on to protect face. Goggles ink stamped US 1944 inside and with protective paper also on lenses.


4) Clip on sun glasses with OD leatherette case marked, U.S F.G Co 1945.


5) Goggles, Ski, Mountain with two style, brown leatherette cases and spare lenses, with tissue paper. Goggles marked FGC on inside of leather nose piece.


6) Sunglases with OD leatherette case. Case marked F.G Co U.S.


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I decided to expand the topic with some more standard goggles and some disposable eye shields/shades.


1) Goggle Kit, Polaroid No. 1021 with cloth carry roll and spare lenses. Below the roll, note the more scarce oilcloth OD case and spare lenses for these same goggles.


2) Goggles, M-1944 with original issue box and spare lenses. Note protective paper still on the lenses. Markings are Polaroid Goggle M-1944 and dated 1945 on the left temple. They don't come nicer than these.


3) Assorted Disposible Eye Shades and an Eye Shield, still sealed in their original envelopes.


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