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Survival Kit


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Greetings all,


Going through some stuff I picked up this year, I came across this case. It was advertised as part of a survival kit, with appropriate gear for late WWII-KW. However, one of the items in it was dated 1961 (a Survival Uses of the Parachute booklet). One of the more unusual features is a leather holster sewn into the back panel of the front compartment, about the size of a .38spl revolver from the size & shape. My thoughts are this may be a "rigger" made case (I don't particularly like using that term for non-standard assemblies) as it is sewn throughout with the same thread-no signs of alteration as if the holster were put in after the case was manufactured. Behind the front compartment is a flat compartment that covers the length of the case and is open at the top-incidentally, a LC-14 machete will fit in there nicely. It has five straps with United Carr snaps space 1" apart; two on the top extending vertically from each corner and three that span horizontally across the back. The front zipper is Talon marked. Initially, I thought that it might attach to a bulkhead in an aircraft but after looking at it more, I found I could attach it to myself in a drop-leg fashion. An interesting concept for then. However, I think the holster may actually be for a flare pistol rather than a service revolver though I don't have one to check the fit. My .38spl Victory and Commando both fit the holster but the strap would not close (shrinkage?). The era seems to be post WWII but pre-1964 (before the Army's climate-specific Individual Survival Kits came into fashion). It has a white name tape sewn onto the top of the back panel.


Any ideas on this?





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It came with the following contents: LC-14 round sharpening stone, survival fishing kit (Mil-F-6218B, dtd 1953), individual aircrew member first aid packet (missing amphetamine tabs), unmarked survival mirror, spit & gaff kit, gill fishing net, 6-12 insect stick, "Clix" razor kit, two whistles (both mkd US Army, one dtd 1944), brass snare wire, 5"L sail needle, and a hot climate chapstick (pre-FSN stk no from Avon).


I don't know how much of this kit has been added to or what is missing from the original packing. If not for the 1961 dated booklet, I would place this about the KW era.


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